Thursday, June 14, 2012


Thought I would throw up a quick post on Maxwell's since it lives next to our office in Park City and I eat there regularly.  This is outside of the usual WFR vein, but hopefully worthwhile to those looking for a good pizza and beer joint whether you be an out-of-towner or a local.

Maxwell's serves up Fat Kid Pizza - which is SORT OF like an east coast slice but with a much crisper crust.  This ain't no NYC-style pizza.  I believe they actually identify with Philly, which makes sense given the cheesesteak and other dishes that inspire brotherly love.  About their pizza I will say that you can do a lot worse and a lot better.  Here are some shots of the Godfather option (Mozzarella, Provolone, Ricotta, Goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes):

And the Italian Stalion (Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Grilled Chicken):

As you can see, we enjoyed these pies in the open air, and I HIGHLY recommend that you hit up the Park City location on Thursday nights in the summer so that you can sit on the patio, play some cornhole and watch a free concert while you dine and/or throw beanbags.  Maxwell's doesn't position first and foremost on their food - they are about decent pizza, great entertainment options (lots of TVs and a nice patio) and good prices.  Because of this, I can't ding them for not having the best slices in Utah.  A pie is $20 and as you can see, it is enough to feed 4 hungry people - maybe 3 if you're apres ski and starving.

Last note: if you sit outside, the service will be dreadful.  We usually sit outside anyways in the summer, but know this going in so that you aren't frustrated when you get one glass of water in 2 hours.

The verdict?  Enjoy Maxwell's for what it is: a great place to watch sports, hang out on the patio, have some beers and eat some decent pizza.  Avoid most of the items on the menu that aren't in the pizza section, although the cheese steak and the Italian grilled cheese sandwiches aren't all that bad if you must.

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  1. There's one in downtown SLC too on Main St. Just went there with some girlfriends from law school. Definitely had the professionals after work vibe. Lots of suits. We had good service.