Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Forage Restaurant: Fall 2013

There are a few places where it doesn't make much sense for me to add my opinions on a chef's talent.  Bowman Brown did it again at Forage and I'd like to just present our meal as it came.  I was less than thrilled that our favorite course (the smoked cheddar) was not captured well via my iPhone, but so it goes.  Check out the meal and let me know what you think!

We started with a juniper soda with sorel sorbet in a sugar rimmed glass.

Potato puffs with house soured cream and elderberry caper dust.

Fermented dragon tongue beans.

Elderberry leather with chicken liver mousse.

Tomato crisp with milk skin.

Smoked cheddar from Gold Creek Farms in Kamas, UT, with barley and epic beer batter.  This was probably the best item of the night and I apologize for getting such a mediocre shot.  That being said, the presentation really did look kind of like a stack of delicious charcoal.

Smoked tomato water gel with corn purée and trout roe.

Potato with trout glaze with wheat grass and onion purée.

Charred heirloom tomatoes with sturgeon and coastal plants from the Salt Lake.

Veggies from the Forage farm in Draper,UT topped with chicken vinaigrette.

Smoked Utah wild trout, apples, onions, apple juice and lovage oil.

Poached egg yolk with grain porridge and buttermilk emulsion.

Duck breast with plum and caramelized onion, finished with fermented plum juice and thyme oil.

"Herbs from the garden".  Burnet sorbet with lemon, sorel curd and basil cake.

Rose hip sorbet and meringue with sparkling yogurt.

Peach, with goat's milk ice cream and toasted granola.

The Verdict?  Forage continues to be the best deal in food in Salt Lake City and proves that our best can run with, if not outshine, the best culinary talent from anywhere in the United States.

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