Monday, January 27, 2014

Taqueria 27 Brunch

I reviewed Taqueria 27 a while back and have always been a fan, but only recently did I get a chance to stop in for Sunday brunch.  Overall, the staple items remain on the brunch menu, with a few additions that are breakfast-specific.

We started out with the roasted guacamole (blackened sweet and spicy chiles, caramelized garlic, balsamic and herbs).  This is a good guacamole, although I desperately hope that Taqueria 27 will add the bacon and black bean option to their list of daily choices instead of just featuring it as an occasional guacamole of the day.

We enjoyed a few drinks with brunch, most of which were of the beer persuasion, but one cocktail took me by surprise.  The Spicy Jalapeño-Melon Rita (fresh jalapeño and watermelon with agave and lime shaken with Hornitos Plata and melon liqueur) is not something I would normally order due to the melon and the liquor, but combined with the fresh muddled jalapeño this ends up being a very balanced and not overly sweet cocktail.

For our meal, we mostly enjoyed a selection of tacos, including the grilled pears and roasted beets taco that I had not tried before.  These were really nice and a great option if carnitas and chorizo sounds too heavy for you in the morning.  

However, if carnitas in the morning sounds like exactly the right choice, T27 has that avenue covered as well.  The carnitas and pickled onion together make this taco a must-try staple at the restaurant.

Those who have read other reviews on this blog know how much I love Chilaquiles - a traditional Mexican breakfast item consisting of salsa poured over tortilla chips and topped with eggs or meat, queso fresco and crema.  The version at Taqueria 27 uses a red salsa and cooks the tortilla chips until they become soft.  The plate is then topped with an egg any style and dressed with crema and cheese.  For me, this was a miss.  I prefer my chilaquiles to be made in a way that maintains the chips crispiness, but it is not uncommon to cook the mixture until the chips become soft.  When prepared this way, Chilaquiles need a much more generous portion of salsa in my opinion.

The verdict?  I would absolutely go back for brunch at Taqueria 27 as it is casual and offers solid choices in the breakfast or lunch genres, as well as great drink options.  While they missed on my favorite dish, staying within their wheelhouse (tacos) did not produce any disappointments.

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